I wish you all the best!

Remember the good things and

learn from your mistakes!

Try your best and your dreams will come true!

A good beginning can make a good end!

May you be happy!




You are probably wishing for the summer holidays to come, and in the meanwhile you are trying hard to pass all your exams, aren't you?
No worries!
I will help you get the most of your grammar reviews by including some helpful links where you will find many activities and some useful vocabulary to deepen your knowledge. You will also have the opportunity to enjoy while learning.
Have Fun!


Click the links below,

English Grammar -

English Vocabulary Exercises -

English Quizzes -

English Exercises for beginners & elementary / and intermediate students.



Would you like to enjoy yourself with English? → OK, then. Sit comfortably, create a relaxing atmosphere around you and concentrate on the task if you want to have fun while learning, and remember that it will help you get better marks in your English exams this term.

You can improve your English and feel a little more confident with it by training yourself on different aspects. You can start right now by doing some online grammar exercises.

First, I encourage you to visit the following webpage
'GRAMMARBANK.COM' Then, choose whatever topic you may like to revise by double clicking the link below:

You will find a wide variety of Multiple Choice Mixed Quizzes, Essay Writing Tips, Vocabulary Exercises, Short Dialogues, Spelling Exercises, Reading Tests, English Grammar Rules Explanations, Study Skills Tips and lots of Graded Exercises as well as ESL Grammar Tests to check your knowledge of English.

Finally, you will find out by yourself which aspects you should be reviewing to do your best and get the most of it. Help yourself and Enjoy the Ride!

                    ENJOY YOURSELF WITH ENGLISH!



Writing a journal helps us examine a feeling, a thought, an emotion, or whatever happens in our minds, and of course, whatever happens to us in our lives.
Every word we write is a meaningful word. Even if it is a word to describe a world of fantasy or a world of reality, it means a lot to us. It really does.

We always find the time we need to do something when we like it, when we are committed to do it. In fact, writing down about anything can be the beginning of a beautiful experience. We can do it daily, weekly or monthly.
Starting from a simple idea can lead us to a wonderful world of adventure. Just a few lines to establish a good habit. And it will transform our lives forever.

We can choose any topic or theme to write about. We usually like writing about our relationships, about our social life, our online activity, about the new people we meet on the Internet, about stories we hear on the radio, see on the telly or read about in the news, or maybe, about activities in which we participate, or any sports we do, about anything we are worried about, or just about funny things. Sometimes we have no idea what to write about, but at the end, we realise that it's fun, that we write for fun.

We pay more attention to things we like, and we remember them as the best moments ever. We all know these are the things that count, the ones that make us feel happy. They do not require too much effort because they are good, and so that we enjoy writing them down.

When we experience difficult situations, and we have problems or bad experiences, it is normal to feel sad. It becomes an unpleasant task to write them down. But, sorrow and pain can help us learn from them. Writing about our feelings is a way of letting go that sadness. It helps. Yes, indeed. It is a healing experience that undoubtedly makes us feel better.

How can we start? Just by writing down about any of our everyday activities, or about our dreams.
We can work on a blog or a novel,
                                         but let's start by keeping a journal instead.


MINDFUL LEARNING by Dr. Craig Hassed and Dr. Richard Chambers

Hi, everybody!

Now that you are back to school after your summer holidays, you should start planning your weekly agenda to give a nice start to your new course and also to achieve your goals in a very effective way. 
I know that you are willing to do your best. That's why I encourage you to read this book that will guide you to a new mindful learning. I can assure you that this book is really helpful for a better understanding of mindfulness general concepts as well as for getting a more accurate view of the process of learning itself. 

"MINDFUL LEARNING by Dr. Craig Hassed and Dr. Richard Chambers

Mindfulness-based stress reduction (MBSR), as pioneered by Jon Kabat-Zinn and others, is now being successfully applied in myriad areas of human activity—and most recently, in education. It’s no surprise that psychologists and educators have found that mindfulness-based practices improve attention and performance and reduce stress in the classroom and in other school-based activities. This practical guide explains mindfulness and its applications and shows educators how it can be used with students. This book is essential reading for teachers, parents of children high-school-age and above, and college and graduate students."
(Taken from http://www.shambhala.com/books/mindful-living/mindful-learning.html)



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Storybird has any type of book for any type of reader. Follow along as memorable stories emerge. Comment on books you enjoy to interact with their creators. Share your stories and enjoy the magical world of writing stories at any time.

Simple tools help you build books in minutes. Let the art inspire and surprise you as you write. Readers will encourage you along the way.
Find favorite new books and authors. Find new friends from across the globe, and discover their stories too. See Storybird used in creative new ways every day.



Willing to celebrate your Valentine's Day? You may have your sweet heart dying for someone, and you would like to tell him or her that you have fallen in love and of course, you would like to exchange gifts to express your unconditional love to him or her. So, you can try your best by sending a love card or you can also make a beautiful gift instead to declare your love! It's up to you!
If you feel you can manage to write a love poem, do not hesitate and try it. That can be the best idea as it is something very special, your best feelings that come from within your heart. In fact, it is a great gift, very personal indeed!
Well, no matter which one you choose, I'm pretty sure it's going to be the right one for you!
Enjoy your Valentine's Day!